Waldo Goes Back to Class.

Photo sharing software for your school.

Each year, your school photographer, yearbook staff, and teachers snap thousands of photos for your yearbook. And each year, only a handful ever see the light of day. WaldoSchools is here to change that with photo software designed with schools in mind. Using facial and object recognition, Waldo uses selfies submitted by your students to find all the photos they appear in and then delivers them via text message to the students and their families as soon as they’re uploaded to Waldo.

It’s a new way to engage your school community. It’s an innovative approach to bring cutting-edge AI technology to your yearbook staff. And it’s a great way for your school to get more value from the priceless photos being taken that every parent would love to see.

A school fundraising tool.

WaldoSchools provides a win-win revenue model. Parents have photo purchase options: buy a single photo, buy an album of photos (ex. Soccer season), or buy an annual pass that provides all photos taken of their child any time during the year. Then, half of the proceeds go directly back to your school to support underfunded projects and sorely needed school supplies.

A photo sharing tool for any school organization.

The Waldo Schools photos platform is easy to implement. It’s a way to empower your talented yearbook staff and school photographers with an easier way to organize and share photos. From clubs to sports to Greek Life organizations, Waldo provides a photo software tool that will help you share all the moments from your school. And with a powerful photographer dashboard that shows you photo analytics, you’ll be able to better organize and plan your school’s photo coverage.