Weddings & Parties
The ultimate party favor.
Say goodbye to the days of fielding phone calls from Grandma and emails from the wedding party. Say bye-bye to the times of forcing guests to search endlessly through online albums for a handful of photos.
And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, disposable cameras and their blurry photos.
And, hello, Waldo.
The waldoevents platform allows professional photographers to capture the moments and then deliver each guest their own photos as soon as they’re uploaded.
How Waldo adds sparkle to your party

Sayonara selfie sticks

Waldo allows your guests to enjoy the moment, and go home with memories to prove it, right on their mobile device.

Delight your guests

Once the photos are uploaded to the Waldo platform, your job is over. Waldo delivers the photos of your guests to your guests via text or mobile app.

Amplify your brand

In-app branding allows your guests to generate buzz for your event with one-tap social sharing.

Personalize communications

Use the photos of your guests to send them personalized invites to future events, building brand awareness, guest loyalty and guest retention.