School Events
You have the photos your parents would cherish. Waldo delivers them.
Good news school parents! No more iPhone photos from the 12th row. No more searching for photo needles in online album haystacks.
waldoevents helps schools easily and seamlessly share photos of students with the people who will treasure them the most – mom and dad.
How Waldo brings the photo-sharing magic

Let your audience enjoy the event

Waldo allows your audience to put down their devices and enjoy the moment. Parents can leave the photography to school photographers and teachers while being confident they will get their child’s photos they will cherish.

Delight your parents

Once the photos are uploaded to the Waldo platform, your job is over. Waldo instantly delivers the photos of your students to their parents and families via text or mobile app.

Turn your photos into cash

Waldo helps schools turn the thousands of photos already taken into vital fundraising dollars. For schools, Waldo offers a turnkey fundraiser program which allows for directing monies spent on photography to the PTO or other designated entity.