Concerts & Festivals
Bring down the house, and deliver the photos that prove it.
Live entertainment shouldn’t end after the encore. Let your event buzz on long after the amps stop vibrating with Waldo Events, an intelligent photo finding and delivery platform.
Using proprietary, AI-driven technology, Waldo delivers photos of your individual guests directly to their pockets via text or mobile app in near real-time.
Take your show photos to the next level

Capture the energy

Waldo lets your audience put down their selfie sticks and be in the moment.

Delight your audience

Once the photos are uploaded from your event, Waldo instantly delivers the pictures of your crowd directly to their phones.

Amplify your events

Waldo helps you market your brand, band, or event by providing in-app branding and easy one-tap social shares to create buzz before, during, and after your show.