Camp life – all the priceless moments captured, found, and delivered.
Pie fights. Chocolate slip n’ slides. Ziplining for days. Scoring the winning goal. All the memorable moments with new friends and old.
Your camp is about creating beautiful memories for your families. And, now, Waldo helps your campers and their families find and share their own photos from camp like never before.
Using an intelligent photo-finding and delivery platform, Waldo delivers each camper (and their family) their photos via text or mobile app in near real-time.
How Waldo brings its A-game

Captures the fun

Waldo lets your campers put down their phones and GoPros and be in the moment.

Delights campers and their loved ones

Once the photos are uploaded to Waldo, photos are instantly delivered to the phones of those who miss them the most.

Amplifies your brand

Waldo helps you market your camp by making it easy for parents to receive and share the priceless photos they receive through one-tap social sharing. Your photos can be branded and auto-hashed creating a social megaphone for the great work you’re doing with the demographic that matters most – your camper’s friends.