What is Waldo?
Waldo is a photo finding phenom. With Waldo, every photo of you and your family, taken by others, is delivered to your smartphone. Whether at a sporting event, concert, amusement park, wedding, tourist attraction, camp, race or just chillin’ at a friend’s BBQ, Waldo finds your photos and delivers them to you. Drop the selfie stick, put your phone in your pocket and live in the moment! The days of wishing you could have gotten that incredible photo from an amazing photographer are now a reality and the days of constantly nagging friends and family for photos or feeling guilty about photo hoarding yourself are over.
For professional photographers, Waldo helps increase sales by changing the process from an antiquated hunt and peck, high latency, one-off commerce transaction to a push system whereby the customer is delivered their “photo needles” out of the proverbial “album haystack” right to their smartphone, in real-time, with one tap purchasing.
Utilizing proprietary technologies which combine facial & object recognition, GPS, real-time cloud delivery and time and code-based matching with the convenience of a text-based interface, Waldo lets photos flow from the photographer to the photographed, as seamlessly as it should be.
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At Waldo we are building a team of passionate, entrepreneurial-minded people who like to work hard and play hard. If you're a brilliant, high energy dreamer who wants to change the future and you're looking for a new professional challenge, contact us and let's talk.
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