Your photos.
Taken by others.
Found by Waldo.
How Waldo Works
Photographer snaps.
Photos are uploaded to the cloud in real-time (using wifi or cellular).
Waldo matches.
Waldo's proprietary matching technology finds your photo needles in album haystacks.
Photos delivered.
Waldo sends pictures of you and your family to your phone via text and app.
Easily create and share group albums
Waldo makes it easy to create group albums with friends and family and then delivers each person their photos. No more emailing, texting or nagging your family and friends for photos. With Waldo, everyone gets their photos without lifting a finger.
Waldo's proprietary matching technology delivers each person the photos they care about - automatically. Whether it's a birthday party, soccer tournament or getaway weekend with friends, simply upload your photos to Waldo, invite your friends to do the same, and Waldo will take it from there.
For event organizers
Waldo Events gives your event photo delivery superpowers. Wow your guests with real time photo delivery and sharing complete with custom branding and live metrics.
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For event attendees
Leave your selfie stick at home. Waldo has you covered! Simply enter your mobile number below and get photos of you sent directly to your phone. No more searching endlessly through albums to find proof you were there.
Waldo enables mobile photo delivery and purchasing with powerful in app branding tools.
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