Photos Should Come Easy

Have an epic pic taken at ACL? Wish you could get your hands on it? Download the app, upload a selfie and Waldo will find your photos, wherever they are taken. Waldo’s your photo finding phenom!

Waldo ❤ Your Face

By using the app or sending a text—Waldo gets to work finding every moment. He digs through entire event albums and delivers just the photos of you right to your phone. No more wading through a sea of photos or nagging friends and family!

Share the Photo Love

Suffer from non-photo sharing guilt? Have friends and family who are worse? Waldo keeps photos from dying on SD cards! He will get your pics from friends' and family’s photos and send them their pics…automatically. Waldo loves finding your greatest memories and bringing them back to you.

Waldo tracks down photos from...

Painted up on game day
Catching a band at ACL
Dancing at an epic wedding